Based in Helsinki, RuBa team provides advice and associated services in the following core areas:

The first question you will face is whether to establish a representative office or subsidiary of your company. Establishing a representative or branch office in Russia differs from company formation in both purpose and procedure. A representative office is established as purely an observing body; its role is to represent the interests of the head office, but to not engage in business transactions from its own name. A branch office is similarly structured, but does engage directly in business transactions on the territory in which it is located.

A subsidiary could be an "OOO" (Limited Liability Company) or a "ZAO" (Joint Stock Company or "Corporation"). Most common is to create a subsidiary of the "OOO" type (simpler) that is wholly owned by the parent company. In practice, subsidiaries are most commonly established either when a representative office becomes too large or starts local production. It may also play a role in tax planning.

Once you have established a presence in Russia, you must maintain accounting records and be compliant with tax and other authorities. Outsourcing these functions at least initially can benefit you, freeing time and energy to focus on company strategy and your market.

After these legal steps, where we can assist you, we can also help you to find out the following:

  • Finding office space
  • Banking
  • Hiring personnel
  • Communications
  • Market Research
  • Advertising