RuBA in Russia

RuBA in Russia is based on practical expertise and wide, on-time partner network and solutions. Our used languages are English, Russian, Finnish, Swedish, Spanish and German.

RuBA provides advice and associated services in the following core areas:

  • Market research and surveys
  • Entering and expanding into the Russian market
  • Search for agents, distributors and business partners
  • Negotiating with suppliers, purchasers and agents on behalf of manufacturers
  • Overview of opportunities and threats
  • Location selection, personnel recruitment, incorporation and necessary approvals
  • Market entry strategies
  • Building brand awareness in a new marketplace
  • Advising on cultural aspects of business and business cultural environment
  • Departments, including quality accreditation, licensing and import or export Liaising with government regulations

Market Entry Strategy

After these legal steps, where we can assist you, we can also help you to find out the following:

Using local knowledge we expedite the entry of a business into a market. Our experienced consultants can assist with; market selection, market surveys; entry and strategic marketing plans; feasibility studies, product suitability assessments; packaging suitability and pricing strategy. We assume responsibility for location selection, personnel recruitment and necessary approvals.

Joint Venture Partner / Distributor/ Agent Searches

RuBa consultants can advise a client on how best to be represented in the target market, whether by a joint venture partner, distributor/agent, and source and contract with appropriate candidates. RuBa consultants can recommend commercial terms of appointment and either conduct or assist with negotiations to conclude the terms of engagement. RuBa consultants also provide monitoring of representative/s performance for an agreed term after appointment, sufficiently long to ensure performance.